Steel Sheds are strong, durable and secure.


On top of that, Steel Sheds are maintenance-free and are an excellent choice because of their fire-resistant nature – ideally suited to small patio BBQ areas.

Our Steel Sheds and Garages are Irish-made, with quality steel and materials. Steel Sheds come in a range of sizes and colours and are guaranteed for 25 years.

Steel Shed sizes
• 1m x 1.9m / 6ft10ft x 6ft
• 1m x 1.9m / 10ft x 6ft
• 1m x 2.5m / 10ft x 8ft
• 1m x 2.5m / 13’6ft x 8ft
• 1m x 2.5m / 16’6ft x 8ft
• 1m x 3.1m / 10ft x 10ft
• 1m x 3.1m / 13’6” x 10ft
• 1m x 3.1m / 16’6ft x 10ft
• 1m x 3.1m /20ft x 10ft

Steel Workshop/Garages with roll-up door / no floor
• 1m x 3.9m / 16’6ft x 13ft
• 1m x 4.5m / 23’6ft x 15’ft

Custom sizes available at an extra cost for Steel Sheds and Garages. Call us to discuss your specific requirements.

A selection

Our Steel Sheds and Garages are erected free-of-charge to the Greater Dublin Area.
Prepared level base required. Contact us to discuss!